Lesley-sensei’s New Graded Readers レスリー先生最新の書下ろし5冊




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Lesley-sensei’s New Graded Readers レスリー先生最新の書下ろし5冊


 Anyone associated with BIG BOW English Lab knows I’m a big advocate of extensive reading as a way to study English. Reading many easy English books chosen by the students themselves is an enjoyable way to study.

After doing research for my Master’s degree, I’ve also realized the importance of light reading. Students should not just have access to the classics; they should also be able to read the same types of writing they enjoy in their first language. That’s why I jumped at the chance to write graded readers for the Ten Ways project. These books offer life advice in a listicle, an article that is basically a list of items, at a low level even a beginning reader can understand.

 I wrote five of the books in this twenty book series: 10 Ways to Be Successful in Love, 10 Ways to Be Safe Online, 10 Ways to Be Assertive, 10 Ways to Control your Emotions, and 10 Ways to Influence People. At the moment, they are only in e-book form, but hopefully they will be in print in the near future.

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When I was a child, I used to always read advice columns in the newspaper, such as Dear Abby or Dear Ann Landers. It was fun to give advice this time, rather than receive it!


LESLEY ITO(レスリー いとう)