Michael’s First Snow




Michael’s First Snow

Hi again everyone!

With travel being difficult in the current situation, especially to Australia which is very strict, I will be staying in Japan and staying at Big Bow longer than I initially thought. I was originally planning to go home in July, but I’m excited to say that I will be staying longer as your Associate Teacher.

Since coming to Japan I’ve been able to experience many new and interesting things, eat lots of delicious food and meet some wonderful people. I’m really happy I’ll be able to continue to do so for a while longer.

One of the things I experienced in Japan for the first time is snow. Australia is a very hot country and while there are a few places in Australia that it does snow, I have never visited them. So before coming to Japan I had never actually seen or touched snow.

During winter last year I looked at the weather forecast and was excited to see that it was going to snow. I anxiously counted down the days until the snow arrived. On the day it first snowed I was sitting in my living room watching tv when I looked out the window and saw little white snowflakes slowly drifting down from the sky. I stopped everything I was doing, put on a warm coat and raced outside to feel snow for the first time.

It wasn’t exactly what I expected. I thought it was going to feel really cold and be really soft, but I was surprised when I got outside and it wasn’t much colder than the normal winter weather, and the snow wasn’t soft but rather, felt more like ice. I also didn’t realize that I needed an umbrella! After walking around for a few minutes looking up at the falling snow, I was completely soaked as though I’d been standing in the rain. But I didn’t care. I was still so excited about experiencing snow for the first time.

After that it snowed many more times and I was able to enjoy it again. I even got to drive in the snow which was a little scary at times.

I’m really glad I was able to experience snow in Japan and hopefully as I stay longer I’ll be able to experience many more things.