LIXON Library Presentation at Gifu JALT




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LIXON Library Presentation at Gifu JALT


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Last Saturday, I went to Gifu to make a presentation at the local JALT chapter on creating a successful extensive reading library. I went early to meet a friend and spent the afternoon happily chatting and eating scones at this very unique cafe called Connections. It's a converted old Japanese house, done up in modern Japanese style, but they serve Western food. The day we went, they had a special British tea course and it was a wonderful way to escape the hot summer afternoon.

The Gifu crowd was small, but we had some great discussion about libraries and extensive reading at private language schools and on the university level. Libraries and getting students to enjoy extensive reading is a subject that interests me a lot these days, so much so, that I've decided to do my dissertation for my Aston MSc on it.

If you missed the Gifu presentation, you can view the webinar I made on the same subject a few weeks ago at this link:

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